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Image(Originally posted March 9th.  Scroll down for more recent updates)

Hello Everyone!

I’m heading into the studio March 25th to make my new album. The working title is “Fleur de Lis” and will include 11 songs I’ve written while residing in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans since October of 2010.  It has been a transformative experience for me down here in the gulf and I’m looking forward to the chance to express some of that in the music.

Brad Jones, who produced my albums “Slow New York,” “Good Life,” & “Smash Palace” will return to the helm, and the record will feature some truly special New Orleans musicians including Johnny Vidacovich (Professor Longhair, James Booker, Astral Project) and Terrence Higgins (Dirty Dozen Brass Band) on drums as well as Jon Cleary (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal) on keys and guitar.

Oh and….

There Will Be Horns!  This is New Orleans!!!

Like a growing number of artists, I’m looking to my fans, rather than a record company, to help produce this record.

By simply pre-ordering the CD, you can get the album before anyone else (oh yes!) — AND you’ll be helping me fund it – so thank you!!

OR….If you want to play a bigger part in helping to create “Fleur De Lis” you can choose your speed below — and get personal gifts direct from me to you for your support as well as my most humble thanks.   It costs a lot to make, release, and promote a record and the more I am able to raise, the more I can create touring and promotion opportunities to help give the music the proper attention!

Read a good article about this trend from The Boston Globe here.

Questions? Contact me at



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Below, you can choose what “part” you want to play in the making of the record.  Keep in mind I’ll start recording this spring and aim to have it finished by September. Delivery of CDs and redemption of gifts to follow!

Visit my blog for more details and updates on the record’s progress.

IMPORTANT!  Be sure to include your name, address, email, and the name of the person the CD should be signed to (if included) with your order.  If you prefer to pay by check or money order, scroll to the bottom of this email for the address.

THE BIG EASY– $20 – Get the new CD weeks ahead of the slowpokes.  (Shipping included)

THE SECOND LINE – $50 – 1 personalized CD and poster, signed, sealed & delivered.  (Shipping included)

THE FRENCHMAN – $100 -1 signed CD, a Richard Julian T-shirt, and two free downloadable bonus tracks!  (Shipping included)

BYWATER BABY – $250 – All of the above plus plus a Little Willies CD and poster (signed by the whole band!).   (Shipping included)

STEAMBOAT CAPTAIN – $500 – All of the above, plus you will be on the guest list for all performances for one year.

THE OYSTER PEARL – $1,000 – Got Skype or Ustream? Custom-order a personal concert online with me. I’ll play a bunch of songs and hang out with you and your friends in cyberspace face-to-face.  And I’ll teach you how to blend the perfect margarita.

THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE – $2,500 – House Concert.  Invite your friends over (or don’t!) and let me entertain you in your own living room.   (Flight costs not included, but I will keep you posted on my travel schedule so we can book this at our mutual convenience)

THE EVANGELINE – $4,000 – House Concert With Margaritas and CD’s- Invite your friends over  (or don’t!) & let me entertain you in your own living room.  I’ll make (and teach you the secrets of making my world-famous signature) fresh lime margaritas.   And 20 CD’s for your guests!   (Flight costs not included, but I will keep you posted on my travel schedule so we can book this at our mutual convenience)

CRESCENT CITY CURATOR – $5,000 – Executive Producer credit on the album, plus everything included in the first four levels.

COMMANDER’S PALACE – $10,000 – ONLY ONE AVAILABLE. Sit in with me and Brad Jones on the mastering session of the record at Yes Master Studios in Nashville, TN.  We’ll go to dinner and celebrate afterwards, and I’ll entrust to you my Taylor 710 Acoustic guitar, which I used in the recording of “Good Life,” “Slow New York” as well as tours with The Little Willies, etc. The guitar has traveled three continents and is in great working order.   A lot of memories, music, AND mojo!   A house concert is also included with the Commander’s Palace as well as everything listed in the first four levels.  (Travel and lodging expenses to Nashville are the responsibility of the “winner” of this premium.)

If sending check or money order, please send to:

Richard Julian
c/o Kell
215 Hancock Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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