Thanks to You…11K Raised! We’re getting close!


To go directly to make a pledge, click here.

Hello Friends!

Hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am! As for me, I’ve been parked in Brooklyn with Rosita expecting our first child. These are sweet times.

Fundraising for “Fleur De Lis” has been going amazingly well. I just added it all up this morning and we have crossed the 11K mark! That’s a lot of love! There have been 191 pledges which means that the average pledge has been $57.93. Is this an important statistic? Probably not, but I wanted to prove that right brained guys such as myself can crunch numbers and sound official.

Over the last month, a few people really stepped up to the plate and some very successful fundraising house concerts ensued. One in Philadelphia, one in Arden, Delaware, and this past weekend in Annapolis, Maryland. Thank you Jim Goodman, Terri Hansen, Drew Hansen, Valerie Cherrin, Michelle Lauer, Elisa Infante, Jessie Infante, Bryan Ewald, and Mark Freeman.

It was as much fun blending margaritas for everyone as it was to play the music. I hope those of you in Annapolis weren’t hurting TOO bad the next day. I cut out early.

Anyway, amzingly I’m catching up with my expenses thus far, but I still have a ways to go. There is artwork, manufacturing, and some unpaid production bills left and I still need to raise roughly 7K.

There will be a house concert in NYC this September, and one in Louisville, KY this October and those should put us closer to the goal. If any of you would like to put on an event like this, please write me at They have been really fun.

Or if you’d like to simply pre-order “Fleur De Lis,” or learn how to donate at any other level, click here for details or just scroll below.

And last but not least, I will be with the band in NYC this Sunday! Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. Extended Set. The mighty J. Walter Hawkes will be blowing trombone along side Tim, Dan and myself. Details below. Hope to see you there!



P.S. And yet another fun video from my guardian angel, Rick Kaplan, below. Rick and I are gonna have to make some other videos together. I’m loving his sense of style and humor.

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