Up to $8K! / Fresh New Video / Upcoming House Concerts

Hello Friends!

Good vibes abound! Slowly but surely (and in ways unexpected), we are making our way toward reaching the goal of 18K for “Fleur De Lis!”

When I first began this effort, admittedly I did so with some fears in terms of how strong the response would be, not to mention a bit of befuddlement by the general state of affairs in the music business.

HOWEVER!! This has turned out to be THE most enriching experience as well as having introduced some new people into my life I had only known transiently in the past.

One of those people is Rick Kaplan. Rick is the one creating the various studio vignettes I’ve been sending out here. The above video was found by surprise in my email on Friday and it really made me laugh so I’m sharing it with you.

Regrettably, I had to decline Rick’s initial offer to come to New Orleans to film the basic tracking. I had limited time and I didn’t feel as though I knew the musicians there well enough to impose a film crew on them and also, I didn’t know Rick at all. We finally met in Nashville and he filmed producer Brad Jones and I doing some overdubs and mixing. And now ~ dang it ~ I wish I’d had him in New Orleans! Hindsight is always 20/20 right?

Also, a few of you have stepped forward to help organize fund-raising house concerts for me. Jim Goodman organized one in Philadelphia last weekend and now I’m up to $8K in funds raised. Thank you Jim Goodman!!!

There are two more coming up soon in Delaware Annapolis, Maryland. Details below. There will also be one in NYC sometime this summer and maybe even in Kentucky!

If anyone else wants to discuss this possibility with me and help me kick this ball all the way through the goalposts, PLEASE reach out at RichardJulian2@AOL.com.

And most importantly, if you’d like to pre-order the record now, I will send you some new music to download right away, including a sneak-preview of one of the tracks from “Fleur De Lis.” Click here to find out how you can contribute.

Cheers for now!


For Information about the House Concert in Delaware, please write Valerie at dreamin2being@gmail.com

For Information about the House Concert in Annapolis, please write Elisa at elisafreeman@gmail.com

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