7K Raised! / Richard Destroys Italian!

Hello friends!

I hope summer is treating you well!

I am pleased to report that “Fleur De Lis” is mixed! These. Tracks. Came. Out. Groovy!! I am really over the moon and can’t wait to tour and incorporate these sounds into the live performance. Some of the music is just plain joyful.

The next step from here is mastering and then on to artwork and manufacturing. We are just under 7K in fundraising (which is AMAZING), but naturally I have outspent all of that as a project with a personnel of this size requires a lot of time and budget to pull off. I can still use your help!

If you’re inclined to donate, now is the moment! I am extending the offer of a sneak preview of one of the tracks as well as two free downloads of previously unreleased material. Please scroll to the bottom of this blog to learn how to be a part!

A few people have really come through in the clutch by organizing house concerts specifically designed to raise funds for the record. I’m doing one in Philadelphia this Saturday, and three in NYC, Annapolis, and Delaware (my home state) next month. Please write me at RichardJulian2@AOL.com for details on attending or organizing a house concert. Another one or two of these, and I’m confident I can reach my goal of 18K.

I am so thankful and inspired by your attention and generosity. THANK YOU!!!



PS. My Italian, by the way, has gotten WAY better than in the video above. Thanks to Rick Kaplan (I guess) for capturing this moment.

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