New Video / Over $6.5K Raised / Onward Ho!

Interview with Brad Jones

Hello Friends and Happy June!

Above is a new video by Rick Kaplan featuring an interview with producer Brad Jones about “Fleur De Lis,” my latest record in progress. There’s also some nice footage of overdubs on the song, “Your Thing.” Hope you enjoy!

So far, I’ve raised 6.5K in my goal of reaching 18K. This, in and of itself, is a great milestone, and I am so thankful for your belief in me and my music.

Still, as you can imagine, a record of this nature requires a lot of time AND personnel. There is mixing, mastering, artwork, and manufacturing yet to be tackled. And above all, a top-notch (really just THE best) producer, who has worked tirelessly in good faith.

If you pre-order the record now, it will help a great deal! I am extending an offer I made to “first-responders” to receive a free download of an unreleased song, “Bridge,” for your early contribution! I am also offering a sneak preview of one of the tracks in process. AND a very cool re-make/re-take of my song “Sunday Morning In Saturday’s Shoes” with sousaphone.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for details on how to contribute!

Also, a few people have gotten in touch with me about organizing fundraising house concerts I’m performing one in NYC and one in Philadelphia this June. If you think you can gather 40-50 people at your home, and want to do something like this with me (wherever you are in the US), please get in touch with me at We can discuss the arrangements.


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