We have hit the 5K mark!

Hello friends!

Above is a video of Brad Jones and me in the studio putting some touches on my upcoming record “Fleur De Lis.”   The video was shot by Rick Kaplan who reached out to me when I began this fundraising effort with a most generous offer to document the proceedings.  I am blown away by his generosity as well as the generosity of many others throughout this process.

I’ve raised over 5K already and it’s only been a month!   The music is truly exceeding what were already my high expectations. New Orleans is rocking my world and I think it will rock yours as well!

I’m still aiming to raise 18K and if you make a donation within the next week, I will send you a free download of my UN-released song, “Bridge” which I just recorded for another project in February.

A few people have written me about performing house concerts for a different scale than what has been offered on the various donation levels.  And I am open to that as well so please write me at richardjulian2@aol.com with any questions of that regard.

To pre-order the record or pledge at any level, click here or just scroll to the bottom of this blog for details.  Meanwhile, enjoy the video!



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