Over 4K raised! Upcoming NYC appearance!

Hello Friends and Happy Spring!

A couple of important news items…


Thanks to your support, in just a few short weeks, I’ve raised just over $4,000 in my goal to reach $18,000 to make my new record, “Fleur de Lis”.

Because the record will be soaked in the sounds and flavors of New Orleans, you’ll hear every cent you donate in the grooves of this album. This includes a gorgeous horn section we recorded last week.  And this week, I head down south to begin the next phase of production that we’ll be filming and showing to y’all as soon as the footage is cleaned and pressed.

EXTRA BONUS FOR EARLY BIRD CONTRIBUTIONS:  If you make a donation at any level by the end of this week (Deadline: Sunday, April 22nd), you’ll receive an MP3 of a previously unreleased song, “Bridge” which I just recorded for another project this past February.  I’ll send this to you as fast as my email can transmit it.

In the Crescent City we call these little extra bonuses “lagniape” (lan-yap).  And so, this exclusive track is one way of expressing my utmost appreciation for your continued interest in my music and career.

To contribute AND receive the exclusive recording of “Bridge,” scroll to the bottom of this page.


On Saturday, April 28 the band and I are debuting a good deal of new material.  I’m looking forward (if even a bit nervous) to putting out some new sounds and ideas.   We’re gonna play the bigger Rockwood 2 room since folks have been turned away at the last few gigs in the smaller, Rockwood 1 room.  In other words, we want everyone to hear the new tunes in comfort ~ But not so comfortable you forget to holler, dance, or do what you do!

Please pass this notice along to anyone who might be interested and

hope to see you soon!



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