$3650 Raised So Far!

Hello all! And thank you!

Thanks to your enthusiasm, I have managed to raise $3650 in three short weeks to make Fleur De Lis and have even begun recording!  I am pleased to report that so far it is exceeding what were already my high expectations.  It’s a joy to be working with producer Brad Jones again.  And we have been blessed with a great New Orleans lineup to boot, which includes Jon Cleary, Johnny Vidacovich, and Terrence Higgins.  These sounds are bringing some freshness into my world and I couldn’t be more juiced.  I still need need to raise another 14.5K to reach my goal of 18K as it’s an intensive project which involves a good number of horn players and studio time to get right.  If you’re considering a pledge, now is a GREAT time. Please scroll down below for details!

The video above was taken by Jason Jurzak who played some sousaphone for us this week. It captures a moment of teaching a new song, “Gypsy Lover”, to Johnny Vidacovich, a revered New Orleans drummer who I can safely say sounds like NO ONE I’ve ever heard.  Johnny’s been around long enough to have worked with Professor Longhair and James Booker back in the day, not to mention teaching Brian Blade.  Dang.

I’m playing a good deal of piano on this record. And for this song, I’m using the lush-sounding seven foot grand they had on tap at the studio. However, for the other tunes, I hauled my Wurlitzer spinet out there to get that funkier clunkier sound I’ve grown too attached to leave behind!

Again, thanks loads for paying attention out there. I hope you will be as pleased with the results as I am so far.



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